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Letter: DOT'S 'Welcome to Wisconsin' sign stinks, he says

TO THE EDITOR: Drive half-way up Hwy. 10 from the Prescott bridge to see the DOT's sign's woeful "Welcome" shrubs (right side).

They paid River Valley Nursery to tear out our Citizen Adopt Park-planted flowers and replace them with surly shrubs.

Drive further uphill to see the stunning floral display at Kasco Corporation (left side). And a little further you'll see our eastern entrance "Welcome to Prescott" sign with CAP's flower arrangements in beautiful bloom.

Anywhere you see flowers on Prescott property, they're planted and maintained by CAP volunteers. River Valley was paid by DOT to remove CAP flowers from their "Welcome" sign. DOT has their eyes pasted on and deserves the handle: "Department of Taboo."

CAP admirers say, "Thank you Masked Heros." The Lone Rangers' reply: "There are no Thank-Yous."