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Letter: Lights out for country if this keeps up, he says

TO THE EDITOR: A light has burnt out in the U.S. Capital building.

How many bureaucrats does it take to change a light bulb? It can be done if we can follow these simple steps.

1. Hire a contractor to remove old bulb.

2. Bring in OSHA to ensure that everyone is wearing a hard hat and safety glasses, and someone is holding the ladder.

3. Contact EPA to determine the best method of disposing of old bulb.

4. Have Congress write a 2,000 page bill requesting appropriations to purchase a replacement bulb. (Of course, this includes earmarks to reward political contributors and special interest groups.)

5. House and Senate need to send the bill to committee for revisions.

6. If an agreement can't be reached, call a special session of Congress.

7. Bring it to a vote. If it passes both houses, send it to the President for signing or veto.

8. If it's vetoed, send it back to committee for further revisions and another vote.

9. If passed and signed by the President, send a squad of Secret Service Agents to Menard's for the bulb.

10. Have the contractor install new bulb. (OSHA's presence required.)

11. If bulb is faulty, repeat steps one through 10.

Final cost? You don't want to know.

Is it any wonder that the country is almost bankrupt?

Merry Christmas.