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Letter: Start with fiscal responsibility to make it easier, she says

TO THE EDITOR: It's the start of a new year and I'm feeling hopeful.

This January, the newly elected Congress has been sworn in, which means Conservatives/Republicans are now the majority in the House of Representatives, and they also have more of a voice in the Senate.

No longer will it be so easy for Washington to force unpopular and detrimental legislation on the people they are supposed to be serving. Maybe now we'll finally be able to catch our breath and start making some of the right changes.

Don't you find that, even though people have differing ideological views, when it's all boiled down, most of us strive for the same fundamental goals?

The best road to travel on to achieve those goals is an issue of constant, heated debate. However, if our governing bodies start with the most essential issue--fiscal responsibility--it will be that much easier to deal with the other problems we are facing.

True conservative Republicans, along with fiscally-conscientious Democrats and Independents, have been asking for responsible government spending for years.

The expansion of government and big spending that began several presidential administrations ago, and that continues to accelerate exponentially under the Obama administration, is frightening and dangerous.

If people are passive and nothing is done to swing the pendulum back, we will have catastrophic problems dealing with the new health-care bill when it's enacted in 2012.

Other looming concerns are democratically elected bodies, such as the Senate, are losing power to liberal government agencies, and unelected Obama-appointed czars, who admit to being socialist, continue to advance their progressive/liberal agendas.

Many people have already voiced their dissatisfaction with irresponsible government. Hopefully, more people in the "silent majority"--who want frugal and responsible leadership at the federal, state and local levels--will start speaking up.