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Letter: Education has greatest impact on financial future, she says

TO THE EDITOR: Our country is going through a hard financial time.

We have lost so much industry and jobs that each of us has been impacted in some way. I totally understand that each household has to think hard about each expense and where the income will be to cover them.

As a society deciding what our expenses will be, we need to think of the future--where we, our community and our country will be in five, 10, 50 years from now.

What has the greatest impact on our future? When it comes to financial future, it is education. A good, basic education trains the supervisor at the shoe company, the insurance agent, the store clerk, and gets the scientist, engineer, doctor on a path to learn more and do good for our country.

We cannot forget that fact as we make financial decisions for our school district and, therefore, our community. Your school district has a legacy of being frugal and discontinuing wasteful practices quickly. But we cannot stop spending money on our children's education. We can be as frugal as possible, but we cannot stop investing in education.

These children are your future and will lead us into what we hope will be a prosperous future.