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Letter: Crisis in Egypt leads to appeal for decision: freedom or dictatorship

TO THE EDITOR: The last couple of weeks, the news has been dominated by the unrest in Egypt and other parts of the Middle East.

Egypt's government has been a moderate force in the region for the last 30 some years and has been supported by every U.S. Administration since Ronald Regan. Our current administration seems to be leaning toward backing some supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Just a little history here, the brotherhood was founded in the 1930's and has been the root of every radical Muslin organization, including Hezbollah, Al Qaeda, Hamas, the Taliban and various other extremist groups. A graduate of the Brotherhood was Osama Bin Laden (remember 911?)

I don't consider all Muslims to be our enemies, but there are those out there who believe in Sharia Law to one extent or the other. Unfortunately on the extreme radical side, they feel that all "non-believers," including Christians, Jews, Hindus or any other religion, are unacceptable and that such persons should be converted or killed.

I think of the thousands of American servicemen and women that have been killed or wounded in the last decade. The bombing of the U.S.S. Cole. The murder of 13 of our sons and daughters in Fort Hood last year. The hundreds of thousands of women, children, police officers and soldiers killed in Iraq and Afghanistan, and so many more wounded. The cowardice tactics of roadside bombings and killing of innocent civilians in public markets.

I can't help but think of a scene from "The Terminator" when I think of this issue. "They show no remorse, no pity, they can't be bargained with or reasoned with and they absolutely will not stop until we are dead."

We need this president to decide whether he promotes absolute freedom or dictatorship.