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Letter: Scheduling wrestling at church time's shortsighted, he says

TO THE EDITOR: On Feb. 13, the Ellsworth Athletic Group had a wrestling tournament at the high school.

Weigh-in times were from 7 until 9:30 a.m. and the matches followed. Why did this need to be scheduled on a Sunday morning? For hundreds of years, Sunday mornings has been the traditional time of family worship at church. Why could it not wait until Sunday afternoon?

In a time where the family structure is under pressure, why do allow the institution of the church, which is dedicated to the family, become second fiddle to a wrestling tournament? I think this shows extreme shortsightedness on the organizers and, based on tradition, is just plain wrong. There was a time when schools wouldn't schedule anything on Wednesday nights due to religious studies; now, Sunday mornings aren't even sacred.

I fully expect several rebuttals because I know how important wrestling is to this area, but the truth is both can be served and these kids can have balance athletically and spiritually with just a little more foresight from the organizers.