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Letter: Harsdorf has sold out her constituents, he says

TO THE EDITOR: Sheila Harsdorf's vote to strip public unions of bargaining rights is one step by Republicans to silence dissent, dismantle good state government and reap profits for out-of-state billionaires under the smokescreen of deficit reduction.

The vote is proof that Gov. Walker's and the Republican's aim was to bust the public employees' union. This vote is in lockstep with the goals of Americans For Prosperity, a front group for the billionaire Koch brothers, an organization which funded a recent gathering where Harsdorf spoke. Americans For Prosperity is also a major contributor to state Republicans.

We all want to reduce deficits. Polls showed people wanted Gov. Walker and Senate Republicans to compromise with the unions.

Unions were willing to contribute more to their pensions and health care. But it was never really about that, was it? Consider:

--The Supreme Court Case Citizens United v United States gave the Koch brothers and other corporate interests unprecedented influence on our elections. Busting the unions tips that balance even further in their favor.

--Gov. Walker rejected high-speed rail. He claims that will save money. With gas about to go over $4, that claim may no longer be true. We are losing a viable transportation alternative. Who benefits? The Koch brothers, who have large energy holdings in the state.

--Gov. Walker plans to sell state-run power plants on a no-bid basis. Who benefits? The Koch brothers, who own coal subsidiaries.

--Gov. Walker wants to end the 21-year recycling program. Who benefits? The Koch brothers when more energy and resources are used to produce goods.

The Republicans have demonized teachers and public sector workers, many of whom are our friends and neighbors.

It's time to recall Sheila Harsdorf, who has shown she does not truly represent her constituents.