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Letter: Building strong for tomorrow requires sound planning today, he says

TO THE EDITOR: An open Letter to the Ellsworth Community School District Voters:

Building strong for tomorrow requires sound planning today.

Part I of Two:

At the close of the March 10 Ellsworth Community School District's Open Public Meeting regarding the property tax override referendum on April 5, I was asked if I would now publicly state my support for the referendum. I replied, "Yes, with changes." (In other words, a "qualified yes.")

What changes?

The 21st Century World requires not only 21st Century technical skills, but also 21st Century flexible planning and administrative skills. The current political and economic landscape requires and permits such changes.

We must be more wise and prudent in how we use scarce resources. We need to break the patterned culture that has arisen in the last three decades of living beyond our means through deficit financing. This culture of excess has nearly bankrupted our great nation at all levels of government and private enterprise. Now, is the time to "Pay the bill!"

If I was assured, by our District's Administration's public statement, that the referendum monies would only be used to pay-down existing debts and to change the course of our schools, to achieve a more equitable, manageable, financially sustainable public education system within the resources that are available, I would vote "Yes." This would mean an end to the nearly two-decade-old unbroken chain of property tax override referendums.

(Part II, Sound impossible? - next week.)