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Letter: Building strong for tomorrow requires sound planning today

TO THE EDITOR: Part Two of Two:

To achieve the above (see Part 1 in last week's Herald), it requires a global geo-political-economic view of what is before us.

We must access the rate of change in these spheres of influence. Sixty years ago, we were the giant that was awakened. Today, there are two youthful giants that are emerging on stage, with unknown other events waiting in the wings. If we hope to maintain parity with these bursting socio-economic-political developments across the world, we cannot continue to be burdened by debt.

It will require that all voices are welcome at the table and that all issues will receive review in an impartial process of collaborative peers. A new direction needs to be taken. We need systemic changes in administration, goal establishment and planning--all based on tomorrow's needs and not today's wants. Past, carry-over practices have proven to be unsustainable.


1. Current: $125-150,000. Track repair.

New (based on values and needs): $ 0.00 (No money from residents on fixed and below 150 percent poverty incomes to be used on sports.)

2. Current: Back for another referendum if no funding increase.

New: Plan now for zero increase using recently-enacted administrative measures, educational technology, funding incentives and parent-community involvement.

3. Current: Liberal busing to school and non-academic events.

New: Beyond one mile and no, non-curricular events.

Too much sacrifice-commitment? Talk to an Iraq or Afghanistan Veteran.

Too inconvenient? Talk with someone over 70.