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Letter: Harsdorf can go back to her farm

TO THE EDITOR: Boxes, lamps and sofas moved from apartments to trailers and trucks as students with gowns draped over their arms and weary parents walked about the Madison campus on a past weekend.

Moving day is a moving experience for students and families as they separate what has been from what will yet happen in the lives of their sons and daughters.

Also in Madison that Saturday: Another moving experience.

Business owners, machinist union members and private and public nurses carried signs saying "Recall Walker," "Stop the Attack" and "Children before Tax Breaks for the Wealthy" joined together and moved around the Capitol during hours of protest.

The crowd of thousands was admittedly smaller than the tens of thousands I experienced in February because many are at home working for candidates in the recall elections. Still, the energy was the same.

Chants and speeches calling for us to move from what has been dropped upon us to a bigger and better vision of a world where the hungry children are fed, the wounded veteran is given medical care, and the "businesses of tomorrow are not gutted by the failure of our state to educate the next generation."

It was a moving day as I joined both the moving furniture from my daughter's Madison apartment to our trailer and joined the protestors walking around our state Capitol.

Harsdorf-Walker, the business corporation now controlling our state government, can either have a moving day of changing their ways or a moving day of changing their addresses.

Harsdorf can return to her farm now that she has secured more farm subsidies for her farm and Walker perhaps return to college and finish a degree in humanity and caring for others that neither of these elected officials have demonstrated.