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Letter: We've gone from 'constitutional republic' to centralized government, he says

TO THE EDITOR: Where did we go wrong?

When did we go from a "constitutional republic" to the present huge, intrusive and centralized national government?

Many "conservative" types will tell you that it started with FDR. Actually, we started this slide toward serfdom much sooner. Our 4th Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, John Marshall, made decisions that were contrary to the constitution only a couple decades after the constitution was ratified. They are in the public records.

When a college student tells you that they are studying "constitutional law," what they mean is "case law." Progressive talk show host Randi Rhoades rebutted a caller who quoted a section of the constitution. "You don't have a doctorate in constitutional law, so you couldn't possibly understand what that means" she said. What did she mean?

There is something known as "common law" or the constitution, and something called "case law" or the interpretation of constitutional law, as interpreted by judges, in court cases. By "stacking the deck" with agenda driven judicial nominees, the strictly limited enumerated powers of the federal government can be expanded. We are consequently ruled, not by the law, but by the whim of special interests influencing politicians.

This is why the "Obama care" court decisions vary when deciding constitutionality. Mr. Obama has been labeled an "expert," a "professor" of and a "Constitutional Scholar," so he should know what is "constitutional," right?

There exists, not only the original document, but reams of supporting documents in the form of notes, letters and newspaper articles defining the original intent of the framers. In their wisdom, the framers provided a method of changing the constitution by means of the amendment process, but that would involve approval of 2/3 of the states.

The elites consider that process too risky because the citizen is too ignorant.