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Letter: U.N. program creates oppressive community planning, he says

TO THE EDITOR: Do words like "sustainability," "smart growth," "social justice" and "bio-diversity" make you feel comfortable, like your favorite blanket on a chilly night?

If so, you may be brainwashed by the United Nations' "Agenda 21" program, approved in 1992, at Rio. Agenda 21 is a totalitarian comprehensive environmental program now being implemented by presidential executive orders and bureaucratic regulations. Sound crazy?

Agenda 21 is promoted as a world-wide program to ensure that every global citizen will have equal opportunity to housing, health care, food and water. They have replaced the Bible with the religious writings of scientific dictators. Their belief is "God may have created it, but only we can save Mother Nature." They want to control where you live, the amount of resources that you consume, and how much you can travel. It is another ill-fated attempt to recreate Eden, which will cause great harm.

Their new commandments will change American life and redistribute America's wealth to "less fortunate" nations. Gone is the notion of "Be fruitful and multiply," as God instructed married couples to do. There are too many people on the earth and they will cap that number at one billion.

Gone is our right to own personal property. There will be no personal ownership of real estate, or living in a single family home. Gone is the right to travel where you want. Privately owned vehicles will be forbidden and personal travel must be replaced with public transportation. The use of fossil fuels for travel and energy will be discontinued. The use of fertilizers, pesticides and irrigation must be abolished. Livestock production for meat will be outlawed.

Thankfully, some of our Wisconsin legislators see the danger of taking orders from the United Nations. They are working to stop Agenda 21, which creates oppressive community planning and social engineering.