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Word 'tolerance' changed to accept all beliefs as equal, he says

TO THE EDITOR: Glenn Beck led a large rally of diverse religions to Jerusalem.

"The Restoring Courage Rally" demonstrated support for Israel. A theme of religious inclusion (unionism) of all religions was introduced as Glenn focused attention on that area, where all three major religions (Jewish, Christian and Islam) originated. This demonstrates love, but promotes the lie of politically correct tolerance.

The word "tolerance" once meant that you have the right to hold any religious, political, social and individual belief, but I didn't have to accept yours as equal to mine. In a politically correct attempt to normalize deviancy, the word "tolerance" has been changed to include accepting all beliefs as equal. Single parent equals married parenting. Gay equals straight. Undocumented citizen equals legal citizen. (Fill in the blank) equals Christianity.

Have you viewed the frequently broadcast TV commercials, featuring folks who look like your neighbor saying "I'm Mormon"? It is a marketing attempt to make Mormonism look mainline. It is not.

Glenn said that he can "hear God." Which god do Mormons believe in? My research found Mormon beliefs include:

God was a man on another planet. Because he followed the laws and ordinances of the god of his planet, he became god of his own planet, Earth. His wife came with him as a goddess and they produced spirit offspring including Jesus, the devil, and you and I, all being called "brothers and sisters" in the "pre-existence." These pre-existent spirits inhabit newborn babies, then forget their preexistence. If they remain faithful to the church and fulfill other requirements, including evangelical missions, they can become "gods" of their own planet, therefore keeping the cycle going.

God has a wife and Jesus is the brother of the devil? I don't think so. I'll stand with a Mormon patriot and pray for a Mormon prophet.