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Letter: He needs to take a break from regular 'opinion' writing, he says

TO THE EDITOR: I need to take a break from regular "opinion" writing.

This should please Pierce County's Democrat guard dogs, but I take no offense. A dog never fully comprehends what it barks at.

When I started writing, after the election of "The One," my foremost concern was and remains for our young people. I think most folks go about their daily routine as if performing a ritual to avoid an uncomfortable reality. They are not seeing the consequences of our actions on our youth and young adults.

There is a flyer circulating on college campuses called "The Youth Misery Index," which is a research initiative of Young America's Foundation. Remember the original "Misery Index" during the Carter administration? These young people calculate the "national debt per capita," "average graduating student debt" and the "youth unemployment rate" to demonstrate a Youth Misery Index of 90.6 percent. The "Occupy" young adults, although misguided, are echoing a similar message.

Being a self-taught novice writer, I feel the need to apologize for my many errors in grammar and composition. To the pair who felt the need to rebut anonymously, let me reassure you I am very approachable and you have nothing to fear. I have many good friends and neighbors who vehemently oppose my opinions, yet we respect the other's right to free expression. My appreciation goes to those who left messages of appreciation and exhortation to "keep writing." Calls were not returned because I didn't seek praise.

I appreciate the editor and the Pierce County Herald for giving me the opportunity to express what I believe. I appreciate every writer who has contributed. Any good piece of artwork needs contrast.

If you want to see what I am following in my research, send an email and I will add you to my mailings: