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Letter: Happy holidays for the privileged few taking Mondays off

TO THE EDITOR: For the second Monday in a row, I attempted to go to the bank and the post office; both were closed.

Silly me. Christmas and New Year's Day both fell on a Sunday this year. Sunday is a day that most people have off anyway. Why do government employees always seem to need the Monday after a holiday off?

Let's look at some of the federal holidays from 2011. Monday, Jan. 17, Martin Luther King's birthday.

A great American, but he was actually born on the 15th, but since that was a Saturday, our government needed to make Monday the day to observe the holiday or else no three-day weekend.

Washington's Birthday, another Monday, Feb. 21. But he was actually born on the 22nd, but we need to celebrate it on Monday or that would mean no three-day weekend for our overworked government employees. Ditto for

Columbus Day. Government offices were closed on Monday, Oct. 10, for this observance, even though the new world was not discovered until the 12th.

Veterans Day, Nov. 11, this was on a Friday, but that still means another three-day weekend for our spoiled government workers. I am a veteran and worked a 10-hour shift that day while many of our government employees who never served were sitting at home watching HBO.

How many of us didn't get any of these paid days off? Yet, they got paid and we got the bill.