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Letter: Mining jobs lost due to vote by senators, she says

TO THE EDITOR: On March 6, 16 democrat senators--Tim Carpenter, Lena Taylor, Spencer Coggs, Chris Larson, Jim Holperin, Tim Cullen, Mark Miller, Jessica King, Robert Wirch, Julie Lassa, Robert Jauch, Fred Risser, Jon Erpenbach, Dave Hansen, Kathleen Vinehout--and one republican (Dale Schultz) voted to kill the mining bill that would of generated over $1.5 billion for economic development in Northern Wisconsin for generations.

The mining company Gogebic Taconite pulled out of Wisconsin after the vote. This company would have created over 700 jobs in the first initial phase. These jobs would have paid at least $60 thousand a year.

Another 2,000 jobs would have been created in service and transportation, resulting in thousand and/or millions in dollars into the depressed economy. Most of the jobs would have been union jobs.

This company wanted to start mining taconite near the Penokee Range running from Michigan's Upper Peninsula through Wisconsin's Iron and Ashland counties. The unemployment in this area is around 10 percent.

Our state has a long history of conservation. Environmentalist claim this would of caused pollution to ground water. Most taconite mines present little risk to the environment because they release little contamination. Gogebic officials stated they would turn the mine into a lake after they were done working.

The democrats represented by the unions turned their noses against mining in Northern Wisconsin. They rather see thousands of opportunities leave the state and to run Gov. Scott Walker out of office. What message did these individual senators send to other corporations who thought of doing business in Wisconsin? What future do children have in this state for opportunities of good-paying jobs?

All kinds of blue collar workers would have benefited by this: plumbers, electricians, construction workers and others. These 17 senators helped lose jobs instead, so much for doing business in Wisconsin.