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Letter:Jesus' political affiliation wouldn't have been Democrat, he says

TO THE EDITOR: This letter is in response to one from Margaret in Georgia that appeared in last week's Herald.

She claims that she is a Democrat because "it's the party that most closely follows the teachings of Jesus Christ." She must believe that Jesus approves of democratic ideals. He must be pro-abortion?

He must think it is okay to be a homosexual like Barney Frank. Okay to be promiscuous and commit adultery like Bill Clinton and John Edwards. Okay to kick Christianity out of our schools and public buildings. Okay to make Christians pay for contraceptives against our will. Okay to never attend church and lie every time you open your mouth like Barack Obama. Okay to collect welfare, assistance and food stamps for a living.

I don't know which bible she has been reading, but mine says, "if a man will not work, he shall not eat."

She seems to think that all Republicans are the "elite few." I have conservative values and have struggled all my life to earn a living. Name one Democrat in Congress that has been in office for more than four years and isn't worth at least a million dollars.

If Jesus did have a political affiliation, I like to believe he would be an Independent in that he loves us all. But a Democrat? I think not.