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Letter: What makes anyone think they have right to judge, she asks

TO THE EDITOR: Guess I am supposed to show the genetic component to homosexuality.

The latest issue of Science Magazine listed the following study. When a woman becomes pregnant, her body makes antibodies against the baby. In some women, these antibodies continue to show up after the pregnancy is finished. This is why, when some women have two babies of the same sex within a short time, the overload of antibodies affect the second child.

That is why with twins, one baby receives an overdose of these antibodies and becomes homosexual. It is also why homosexuality is not a choice.

No one sits and thinks about what sex they are interested in when they mature because it is already in us. There are a large number of studies going on at the present time and all have been pointing at the same conclusion.

I have a return question. What makes anyone think that they have the right to judge?

Homosexuality is produced and is within the baby at birth. There are no other differences between heterosexuals and homosexuals.

Just who gave Mark Place the right to judge anyone? (It is not your god because we are all made in his image.)