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Letter: He challenges both DA candidates to be up front, honest

TO THE EDITOR: I am beginning to see some signs in people's yards that are supporting either O'Boyle or Sean Froelich for Pierce County District Attorney.

I know that Mr. O'Boyle has had some notoriety in the past. His assistant DA has been a poor example because of past DUI and other incidences that have put him in the public eye.

The Herald and the public need to thoroughly vet these two people out and put their feet to the fire. The DA's office, along with law enforcement, is supposed to uphold the constitution and the law, and not make up law as they go along or contrive ideas in their heads so that they can apply the broad-based police powers to arrest someone. As we all know, not all laws pass constitutional muster.

Therefore, I would like to challenge both people to be up front and honest towards their views. I don't want to hear the usual jargon. I don't want the women's league of voters holding a question-and-answer sessions where controversial questions are filtered out and there is a preexisting agenda.

Both O'Boyle and Froelich would be wise if they came up with their own ideas as how to present themselves to the public. I want to know if they will uphold our inalienable rights as enumerated in the federal and state constitutions; in particular, will they uphold constitutional carry also known as open carry and will they uphold act 35 or the conceal to carry law? I need plain answers, not some legal twisted non-understandable nonsense.

Just because the police are daily arresting people and courts are daily prosecuting criminals, it does not mean that there are no law-abiding citizens. Mr. Froelich and Mr. O'Boyle, you need to address my concerns publically.