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Letter: Froelich's right person to serve Pierce as DA, he says

TO THE EDITOR: Citizens of Pierce County,

I served on the River Falls Police Department for 28-plus years as a patrol officer and police sergeant. During the last 12 years of my career, I managed the Police reserve unit.

I hired Sean Froelich onto the River Falls Police Reserves in 2000, when he was a student at UWRF. In 2003, he joined River Falls Police Department as a full-time officer. He was fully trained and certified as a police officer. I supervised and worked with Sean, and found him to be a very professional and compassionate police officer. In 2006, Sean chose to attend law school. He passed the bar exam in both Wisconsin and Minnesota.

Sean's a very bright and thoughtful person. He understands and knows what it takes to enforce the laws from a police officer's perspective. It takes excellent judgment to make the right decisions for all persons involved in a situation and to protect the rights of not only victims, but also the accused. He treats people like they deserve to be treated, whether they are a suspect or a victim. His ethics are superior. He understands how to prepare a case for prosecution and what it takes to achieve justice.

I believe the people of Pierce County deserve better representation in their court system. The district attorney's office is the highest level of law enforcement in our county. It is the DA's responsibility to promote the administration of justice and restore the community. We have a responsibility to everyone to be fair and just and behave ethically.

I believe Sean Froelich's the right person to serve Pierce County as their District Attorney. He will treat you ethically whether you are a victim or a person in trouble. Please support Sean Froelich on Aug. 14 for Pierce County District Attorney.