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Letter: Combining government with private industry always fails, she says

TO THE EDITOR: As I was scrolling through my Twitter feed the other day, I found a link to an article on President Obama's campaign website.

The article was written by Obama supporter Emilia Bradley of North Carolina. As I read through her praise for the president, I came across a statement disturbing me.

Bradley stated, "we need to remind people when they make claims about big government, that government, ideas and innovations have moved this country forward... We need to continue to combine the government with the private sector to grow the economy."

I would ask Ms. Bradley what planet she's from and to name five things the government has done in the past five years to improve the economy (or anything else). Now I'm no expert, just a college student with one Economics class under my belt, but those who argue for more government control have missed a crucial point.

Combining government with private industry always fails because their agendas are different. Private companies exist to create wealth; the government (theoretically) exists to protect life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Private companies ensure every dollar has a return; the government, well I'll just refer to the USPS.

The incentive to earn profits only exists under the ability to operate efficiently. Take away one and the other disappears faster than the brain cells of those trying to overcome this basic rule of economics.

Capitalism has no entitlements, it is a vehicle and we are the drivers. Yes, it has its flaws and times of recession, but what system would you choose?

One offering an equal playing field to achieve wealth or one using government bureaucracy to redistribute wealth through a dizzying array of federal programs (think Greece)?

If you're still not satisfied, read the 10th amendment, yes Justice Roberts, I'm talking to you.