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Letter: They commend everyone involved in search for son, she says

TO THE EDITOR: We would like to express our sincere appreciation to everyone who helped find our son, Scott.

Words cannot describe the appreciation we have for all of the law enforcement, EMS, fire and rescue, and all of the individuals who searched, donated items and offered support. We were overwhelmed by the number of people that stopped what they were doing and rushed to our home to help search for our son.

There are so many individuals and businesses who were involved in the effort to find Scott that we know we will never be able to commend all of them enough. Please know that you are appreciated more than words will ever express. There were also many individuals who were unable to come and help the search, but gave up prayers to the Lord and we know in our hearts that those prayers were heard.

A very big salute to Sheriff Nancy Hove for her dedication and for helping us hold it together as the hours passed. Sheriff Hove gave us confidence that Scott would be found, and found soon. They were concerned about everyone involved, not just our family, but all of the searchers and we felt that the entire operation was run smoothly and with precision.

We are forever grateful to our neighbors, as they were the first to begin the search and did not stop searching. They allowed officials to search their homes and properties.

We are very grateful that Scott is at home with us and his two older brothers. He is recovering well from his bug bites and is returning back to his normal self and routine. We feel very blessed to live in an area with such wonderful community support.