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Letter: He doesn't mind working hard, paying taxes

TO THE EDITOR: Last week, a new writer challenged an Obama supporter to list things that the government has done to improve the economy (or anything else).

She specifically cited the USPS as a failure. I'll take that challenge.

First, the U.S. constitution (Article 1-section 8) empowers Congress to establish Post Offices and Post roads. The USPS was doing just fine for two centuries. Good jobs, great service and greatly beneficial to all Americans and the economy.

What is hurting the USPS is the internet. The internet has evolved from U.S. DoD (taxpayer) research and innovation. All taxpaying Americans had a hand in its invention. Without the DoD, there would be no Steve Jobs or Bill Gates. Apple and Microsoft employ 100's of thousands of Americans and earn billions of dollars. This doesn't include the millions of Americans who are employed using computers for employment, including many small business owners whose job is made possible via internet. I didn't even mention silly things like Twitter.

I have to ask, how did this letter writer get her words to the editorial staff at the Herald? Did she use the USPS? Did she E-mail them? Did she drive on a road and drop off the letter? I suppose she could have faxed them, but that would have been made possible by another government program--rural electrification. Lest she used carrier pigeon, I suspect she had help from all American taxpayers.

I for one do not mind working very hard and paying my taxes. I imagine my taxes are paying for a small piece of road or maybe a couple of bullets for our troops. The road helps me and my neighbors, the bullets help defend us to speak our minds in this forum freely.

I will not gripe about the cost of being an American.