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Letter: He wonders why he needs permit or risk fine for fire pit

TO THE EDITOR: I don't want to burn down my house or garage.

I don't want to burn down my neighbor's house. I don't want to start a grass fire that brings out the sheriff's department, the fire department or paramedics.

Neither do I want to have to make three telephone calls every time I want to sit in my back yard by my fire pit and roast a marshmallow or drink an adult beverage while I contemplate life. At near 60-years-old, it's borderline asinine that I have to get a virtual permit from three entities of government or risk a fine.

Judging by the number of fire pits used by folks in Western Pierce County, I suspect we're generating calls to Jerry Kosin, the fire hall and Pierce County Sheriff that should be annoying them as well. How well received will my call be when the urge to visit my fire pit strikes at 1 a.m.?

If someone driving past my house cannot tell the difference between a watched fire in a stone-lined pit and a fire requiring a 911 call, they should be the party getting the fine, not me.

If what they're after is a curtailing of family time around a recreational fire and curbing my drinking, this can be considered a tremendous success. Since I learned about this little overreach of government, my wood pile has turned into a haven for disease carrying rodents and I have gone from 12 beers over the course of a summer to two.

It's these little annoyances that we allow that turn into big things.