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Letter: Family-friendly festival was success in park, chamber director says

TO THE EDITOR: I would just like to say there was no "shame" in having the Cheese Curd Festival at East End Park.

While the move was initially made for cost-saving reasons, as the date neared and I was fielding more and more questions about the change, I found myself answering in a positive light: "we wanted a central, community-oriented location."

And that's exactly what this year's Cheese Curd Festival was. What a great family festival. Seeing the multitudes of families settling in the park, as young children enjoyed the playground, was a testament to the festival's success. Passers-by saw the action and turned around to stop in to enjoy some curds and a beverage before going on their way.

In addition to our guests, we also welcomed local civic organizations to take part by providing all of our concessions, as opposed to having private vendors. What a great way to give some visibility to these groups, and add more funds back into the Ellsworth community. As always, volunteers stepped in to supervise, judge, sell and more--yet another way to showcase their community spirit.

That's what the Cheese Curd Festival is all about: bringing the community together for a fun, free, family-friendly festival. I'll admit, being new to town, this was my first Cheese Curd Festival, so I have nothing with which to compare. But I'm willing to say "there is no comparison!" This year's festival was an astounding success and I am proud to have been part of it.

Kudos to you, Ellsworth, for supporting the Cheese Curd Festival. We can't wait to be back next East End Park.