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Letter: Inform authorities of trespassers on hunting land, he says

TO THE EDITOR: Attention: Landowners in the Nugget Lake County Park area:

Recently, there have been issues with an individual or individuals trespassing on land near the park. The people have set up game cameras on land they do not have permission to be on and have tampered with landowners' cameras.

In past years, tree stands have been stolen from land near the park, including one off of my family's land. It is people like this who give hunters and sportsmen a bad name. Landowners always remember the one person who didn't ask for permission and tend to forget about the other 20 people who asked for permission.

If you own, or hunt on land near Nugget Lake County Park, please keep an eye out for people on your land who do not belong on it. Do not be afraid to inform the authorities if you find someone trespassing on your land.