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Letter: Unless insanity stopped, children will be debt slaves, he says

TO THE EDITOR: A note to the anonymous letter author; I understand your frustration, being enslaved and muted by your own public persona must be hell.

To review, a fugitive slave living in Wisconsin was beaten, arrested and jailed by U.S. federal marshals at Milwaukee. Concerned Wisconsin citizens, led by a newspaper editor, rallied to his defense. This led to the Wisconsin Supreme Court getting involved and the judge making a firm decision for the sovereign citizens of the state, drawing from the 10th amendment to the U.S. constitution. By the way, the fugitive slave eventually retained his Canada.

This bit of history makes me proud to be able to call myself a "citizen of the great State of Wisconsin." Wisconsin nullified the Fugitive Slave Act ending the federal government's power to snatch up runaway slaves in Wisconsin and other states followed their example. As a matter of fact, the Republican Party was founded in Wisconsin on a platform including abolition of slavery.

We are misled into believing nullification and succession are only for the racist, like "those southerners." Nullification can be employed for the good, when the sovereign citizens of a state exercise their constitutionally recognized right. Do we have any case today where the majority of Wisconsin citizens would like to lawfully and peacefully end the federal government's usurpation of power?

Other states are exercising their rights of nullification. For example, Virginia is working on a bill for drone nullification, Alabama nullified the UN's Agenda 21, Oklahoma and New Jersey are both working on Obamacare nullification, Michigan is working to nullify the NDAA, and many more. The most recognized state, exercising the will of their citizens, is Arizona.

Unless we stop the insanity, our children will be made into debt slaves. When they realize it, they will become very angry.