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Letter: GOP lie claims Obama 'stole' $716 billion from Medicare, he says

TO THE EDITOR: The GOP, and the billionaires who fund it, are now flooding the airwaves with their favorite Big Lie--that Barack Obama "stole" $716 billion from Medicare.

The same falsehood is pounded out daily from Fox News, Limbaugh and the rest of the right-wing echo chamber. Their claim is flat-out untrue and has been debunked by the Congressional Budget Office and other non-partisan sources. It is nothing more than an attempt to provide cover for the ongoing Republican attempt to destroy what is left of the social safety net by duping "low information" voters to support their schemes to privatize Medicare and Social Security.

The Affordable Care Act did not reduce, and will not reduce, any benefit under Medicare, now or in the future. The $716 billion are estimated savings under the Act from limiting administrative costs to health care providers and pharmaceutical manufacturers.

"Team Romney" takes these estimated savings and uses them to finance another round of gigantic tax cuts to the wealthiest people in the country--Mitt Romney's federal income taxes go to less than one percent under the Romney-Ryan scheme. These are the same gang of plutocrats who have been looting the economy and wrecking the Middle Class for over 30 years.

The Republican Party fought Social Security and Medicare when they were created, and they have done everything possible to undermine both for a half century. As they scheme to turn Medicare into a useless voucher system, their cynical propaganda dupes seniors with deceitful claims that they want to strengthen and protect it.

Ask yourself what for-profit insurance company is going to sell an old, chronically ill person health insurance. That $6,000 Romney voucher won't begin to pay for the premium you will be charged. Call it the Romney-Ryan "Path to Destitution" for the elderly.