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Letter: He offers senior's take on Medicare, Romney/Ryan ticket

TO THE EDITOR: My wife, Nancy, and I are young 68-year-old seniors.

We enjoy reduced-cost movie tickets, reduced-cost meals, reduced-cost entrance to the Pierce County Fair, affordable housing through the River Falls Housing Authority, and also Medicare and Humana Medicare Advantage.

We live on our Social Security checks with a modest 401k program that we can dip into, if necessary, and are very frugal. Our family and friends are nearby. Life is good.

Recently, I had open heart surgery with four by-passes. My condition was diagnosed by the River Falls Clinic and Hospital, and I had surgery at United Hospital in St. Paul. I needed immediate treatment due to severe blockages and was happy I wasn't in Canada because it only took four days to go from final diagnosis to surgery.

This could not happen when Obamacare is fully implemented, making us more like Canada with its long waiting periods. Our Medicare and Medicare Advantage covered all the enormous costs except for modest co-pays. Life is good.

Romney and Ryan have a plan to save the Medicare program. Obama has none. Romney and Ryan will leave the current Medicare/Medicare Advantage in place for all people now 55 and older. No, grandma is not going to be thrown over the cliff. Younger Americans will be given the option of keeping the current program with some changes in age requirements or they can have a plan that would give people a subsidy they would use to pay their health insurance. This will save Medicare.

Obama's No Plan dooms Medicare to bankruptcy within 12 years. Additionally, Obamacare takes $716B from Medicare, threatening the existence of any Medicare Advantage program.

Stop Obama's destruction of Medicare and Medicare Advantage, and vote Romney/Ryan on Nov. 6. Life is good.