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Letter: One big election will be viewed as adults vs. children, he says

TO THE EDITOR: Now that Mitt Romney has selected his running mate, it is clear that this election will be viewed as the adults against the children.

One party wants everything for free and screams like little babies if someone dares to tell them that the country cannot afford to give them handouts. The other party wants to reduce the amount of entitlements in order to both save the country and to minimize the amount of debt that will be passed on to everyone's children and grandchildren.

This election will also be about substance and class warfare. One party will talk most exclusively about national policies that are needed for the long-term survival of the nation. The other party will talk mostly about how terrible the most productive citizens in the country are and how all their hard work and ingenuity was really done by someone else.

One party has an aspiring socialist and a national embarrassment as their president and vice president. The other party has a successful businessman and the nation's leading policy expert as their candidates.

When Sarah Palin ate Joe Biden's lunch in the 2008 vice presidential debate, all the liberals said that Joe just had a bad day. Now it appears that Joe has a bad day every day. In 2008, all the liberals whined when Sarah Palin wasn't ready to be president. In hindsight, Sarah Palin now looks like Winston Churchill compared to Joe Biden.

Moreover, if Sarah Palin would have been president, she would have been about five trillion dollars less expensive than President Obama and I am pretty sure Todd Palin would not have needed 21 personal assistants to take care of him. He would have taken care of himself and saved the taxpayers over two million dollars.

Please think before you vote in November.