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Letter: Democrat or Republican, he's pretty sick of it all

TO THE EDITOR: I know the Democrats are going to go after the Romney/Ryan ticket like hounds after a raccoon.

We also know that since Romney is officially the candidate that the Republicans will spend big money to beat Obama up and stretching things isn't out of the question. Does anyone not know what's coming?

Democrats can point fingers until the birds perch and Republicans can do the same. They don't need to spend any money, as far as I am concerned. Obama was born on Saturn and Ryan wants to kill your grandmother because she's expensive to maintain. Obama is really a socialist (ok, it can see that) and Romney wears funny underwear.

Biden is an idiot and Ryan is too young. Too young? I heard McCain was too old.

I once considered myself a Democrat; as time passed, I found my core values and my beliefs develop to a point that I couldn't be a Democrat any longer. Because the choices are few, I found myself buying into republican ideals.

Then Republicans started to look like Democrats from a fiscal perspective and I started finding myself uneasy with the spending of hundreds or million, then hundreds of billions and now trillions of dollars that as a nation we don't have.

Medicare part whatever, TARP, Obama Care, chasing Bin laden, racism, the one percent, bridges to nowhere, pork barrel projects, auto bailouts, occupy Wall Street, welfare, debt clock, abortion, unemployment, unions, war on women, gay marriage, food stamps, taxes, oh ya, taxes, unfunded mandates, global warming, government regulation, Fast and Furious, gas prices, mortgages under water, whatever. I am pretty sick of it all.

I only need to consider one thing. Four more years of Obama/Biden and our goose is cooked. On a fowl note, I would vote for Daffy Duck before Obama.