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Letter: He ignores writer due to name calling, research technique

TO THE EDITOR: Sanjeev--I've ignored you for a long time, still you probe and goad.

One reason I've ignored you is your favorite tool, name calling. It's no way to have a constructive dialogue, you know, something most reasonable people strive for in order to learn.

Besides, your name calling is tiresome, immature and most offending is that it lacks imagination. If you're gonna call names at least put some effort into it, don't be so childish. For example, if I were to call you names I might resort to Shakespearean insults. Here's one--Sanjeev--I might call you a frothy, clay-brained, clackdish. Better're a beslubbering, hasty-witted, fustilarian.

Do ya see how that flows off the tongue? Besides, it's just more fun.

The main reason I ignore you is your research technique. You start with a premise that suits your ideology and research the hell out of it. The problem is you ignore any research that may be counter argumentative to your premise. Once you preclude the possibility you could be wrong, you demonstrate your prejudice and arrogance. Your letters neither educate or engage. Your lack of critical thinking only makes me feel pity for a man I know is intelligent. Truly a waste of intellect. Pitiful.

So you say your brother has a small business. Have you ever asked him what he really pays in taxes? If it's a small business, he's not taxed at the maximum 39 percent, so I'll guess his tax bracket is 25 percent, not big, not too small. Twenty-five percent is where his base is (guess). After deductions and deprecations, I'd guess he's probably paying around 16 percent. If he's paying the full rate, he's too stupid to be in business.

Yeah, Americans are over regulated, let's strive for crap hole nation regulation, like Malaysia or India.