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Letter: He opposes socialist view, supports small federal government

TO THE EDITOR: Martin, don't you start with a premise that suits your big government ideology?

In your letter about the internet, you suppressed information on how the internet was created so as to give the impression that government created it. I acknowledged in my rebuttal that Department of Defense did create the Arpanet, but also the reason why government regulations kept private enterprise out.

Government also had a hiring monopoly.

In another letter, you justify government waste by stating that corporations also waste money and that's why prices on goods are high. That is called setting up a straw man. Give me examples of corporate waste.

My brother has a small biotech company in your favorite state--California--and survives because of monetary efficiency despite California's oppressive regulatory laws.

Oh, by the way, the evil profit my corporation has in the bank is used for regular, OSHA and FDA mandated maintenance and calibration of our equipment and to purchase new equipment.

I bet I can get my house painted by buying paint from Home Depot, a corporation, and hiring a handyman cheaper than you could do it.

As far as my letters not being informative, that's your opinion. As to my intelligence going to supposed waste, I can afford the waste. Taxpayers do not fund it. As for yours, you haven't yet found it.

Folks, as Martin's messiah has said, we both have two different world views. His--a socialist view leading to Marxism and massive government. Mine, what our founders wanted: a small federal government limited by the enumerated powers of the constitution, and states' rights.

Concerning free markets in India, highly competitive, are thriving, where crooked businesses and high prices are shunned and any dispute sorted out in the street. Know what I mean?

You wouldn't survive there, buddy.