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Letter: He wonders about generation of god, values, burying kids in debt

TO THE EDITOR: At the Democrat National Convention, the president decided to add "God" and "Jerusalem" to their platform. I wondered "Which God"?

From my own perspective, the candidates serve different gods. Obama spent 20 years in a (black liberation) church that taught god is a racist. Romney's (Mormon) church teaches he could become a god of his own planet, if he follows church principles. Another god teaches I am deserving of decapitation, simply because I believe in the God of the Bible. Most folks wouldn't understand the difference anyway because most folks are nihilists, who hold no faith.

Responding to the attacks on our embassy in Egypt and Libya, both Obama and Romney used the word "values" referring to those values held by the United States. I wondered "What values"?

Remember, President Obama committed an unlawful and impeachable offense, which led up to these murders. Congress declares war, not the president who deferred to NATO and "Led from behind."

Following the tradition of other corrupt presidents, Obama cloaked himself with the ever-available American values of "democracy and freedom" as justification to support the rebels in Libya, including Al Qaeda, to bring down another foreign regime. Politicians preach values with moral indignation, to justify and expand U.S. hegemony and then call it "American exceptionalism."

You have to wonder, as I do, about the morality of a generation proclaiming god and values, while burying their children in debt they didn't benefit from, but will be a lifelong slave to. Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke has announced QE1 and QE2 were not sufficient and gave us a new "open-ended QE." Both he, and Mario Drahgi of the EU Central Bank, have a "whatever it takes" attitude toward creating wealth from nothing, at the expense of future generations. Tighten your seatbelts.