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Letter: Laws favoring one group over another lead to disaster, he says

TO THE EDITOR: Stupid laws and unconstitutional mandates, favoring one group of citizens over another, always result in stupid decisions with disastrous consequences.

For example: A Texas restaurant owner has been warned by Corpus Christi city officials that he can no longer wash the bird poop off the sidewalk in front of his business--not unless he wants a $2,000 fine. The reason? A city storm water ordinance that bars anyone from washing pollutants, like bird poop, into the storm drain system that leads out to the bay. But here's the catch: officials say it's fine if rainwater washes the poop out into the storm drain system.

Another example: An unborn child called a fetus is a non-person and is aborted readily. However, when a pregnant woman is murdered, and her fetus also dies, then somehow it can be considered a person with constitutional rights.

Our heritage, the Christian religion, has been under attack by Freedom from Religion foundation government and others.

Chick Fil-A's owner was raked over the coals over his stance on the sin of homosexuality from a Biblical perspective. Now the owner of Hobby Lobby, a Christian who has filed a lawsuit against an Obummer mandate, is being ostracized. The company does not object to providing coverage that includes birth control pills, but refuses to provide or pay for two specific abortion-inducing drugs.

If a Somali woman accused of aiding terrorists does not have to stand when a federal judge enters the courtroom because of her Moslem beliefs, why are Christians being forced to deny their faith? Obummer, you've forgotten the free exercise clause in the first amendment?  Something is wrong with our legal system.

Now Moslem clerics want to stem free speech world over against their religion, massacre Christians and others in their countries.