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Letter: Writer wants government cheap, he wants it right-sized, durable

TO THE EDITOR: OK, Sanjeev, let's talk.

I'm not a "big government" guy. I'm just not anti-government. Freedom isn't free--we all must equally share the burden as best we can. Common defense, infrastructure, education are just a few examples.

You say government suppressed the internet for 30 years. This is not true in any shape or form. The World Wide Web we all enjoy today was made possible because of three advances in computer science.

The uniform resource locator (url), hypertext transfer protocol (http) and hypertext markup language (html). These were not even envisioned and implemented until the late 80's through the mid 90's. An internet is two or more computers sharing the same line. The "WWW" is all computers with an ISP using url's, http and html. You knew that, didn't you?

I've also no doubt you can buy paint and hire a handyman to paint your house cheaper that I would. For most folks, I generally get a call four years later and they ask me how come my house paint is faded or chalky? Why is the paint blistering or falling off? Why are my windows leaking? My answer is always the same, you didn't prep right, you didn't caulk, you bought cheap paint and you didn't apply it properly. Now your house looks like crap.

It's the perfect metaphor of our different governmental philosophies. You want government cheap, I want the right-sized government that is durable.

You imply I'm not man enough to survive in India's "mean streets." I'm secure enough in my manhood not to take tempting bait. This means you subscribe to the "rule of men." I subscribe to the "rule of law." We have this in America.

The "rule of man" is also antithetical to your self-proclaimed messiah, Jesus Christ.