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Letter: Romney tells America's real victims, won't show taxes, he says

TO THE EDITOR: Are you a Social Security beneficiary? Or on Medicare?

Mitt Romney wants to know why you are such a parasitic leech, and why you won't take "personal responsibility" for your life. See, in Mitt-world you are just another government dependent, as are all military veterans receiving benefits, students, the disabled, the unemployed, farm program participants and people with federally guaranteed loans.

In Mitt's world, even soldiers in combat zones, who do not pay federal income tax, are just another bunch of freeloading Democrats. He made these comments in front of a collection of $50,000 per plate Republican campaign contributors, none of whom are likely to have been closer than 5,000 miles to a combat zone.

To those folks, Medicare and Social Security are just Democratic boondoggles, preventing them from receiving their next giant tax cut. Mitt believes that his fellow billionaires, with their Cayman Island bank accounts and car elevators, are America's real "victims," even though their actual tax rates have been reduced to about half that of a plumber.

Yes, it's just like Fox has been telling us all along--tax-dodging billionaires like Romney are America's real victims, not the 40 million Americans living hand to mouth. The real victims are folks like the 4,000 multi-millionaires who last year paid no income tax. Or those poor oil companies who are not only paying zero federal income tax, but receiving federal subsidies to boot. Or banks receiving free federal money while they charge you 29 percent on your credit card.

They are the real victims. According to Mitt.

No wonder he won't show you his taxes.