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Letter: He wonders why taxes always go up in Pierce County

TO THE EDITOR: Why do taxes always go up in Pierce County?

I am sitting in the Care Center not even able to move my hands, but I still care what's happening.

Why do we need a new jail? Pierce County has no violent prisoners in their jail. Why not put leg monitors on the ones that are there, then they would have to pay their own medical bills and meals, and it would allow more room for other things.

In regard to the Highway Dept., I think money could be saved on equipment they use to build roads plus every year raises for employees. Wouldn't it be nice if every department would show the county how to save rather than always wanting more money?

I hope that we elect more people like Gov. Walker, who at least tries to save money.

To end this letter, I want to point out if everything has stayed the same since they first came out with the cost of the new jail, what I mean is figuring in inflation, it would cost less now than it would then.

Stop and see me at the Seminary Home in Red Wing sometime.