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Letter: Dyslexia students ask no favors, do what it takes, are his heroes

TO THE EDITOR: Congratulations to the courageous youngsters in the article about working to overcome reading and writing difficulties.

Everyone's brain is indeed wired differently, so why would anyone expect we all learn the same? Kids like you, asking no favors, willing to do what it takes to simply open doors to your future, are my heroes.

I worked 34 years as a School Psychologist, now retired. For the hundreds of my students who needed a support center like this to help them in school, I'm sorry it didn't happen sooner.

The Children's Dyslexia Center offers a proven intervention for selected specific learning disabilities. It is free to families and 100 percent funded by local donations. Please consider a charitable personal, corporate or legacy gift to the CDC Scottish Rite Masons Valley of Eau Claire. Call 715-598-4986 for information.

My business is a sponsor, how about you?