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Letter: Still can't afford jail, don't have tax base, they say

TO THE EDITOR: Just got done reading the front page of the Herald regarding the jail.

Eleven years ago, this same "jail thing" was in the process of being shot down. The county executive who had just been canned left us with the parting words of "Don't build the jail, you can't afford it."

Well, as far as I can tell, we still can't afford it, we just don't have the tax base. 

If you want to be fair about this entire process, just tell the people who elected you what each of these plans would cost the local real estate owner. Be sure and add in the ongoing costs of the additional personnel to staff and maintain the place. There is also that little thing called interest, which is a really big thing when you start borrowing in the multi millions.

I have never met Jeff Holst; he might be a nice guy, but his opinion of the people who elected him leaves quite a lot to be desired with his comment of "who aren't at the whim of the electorate." Where do we find these people?