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Letter: They seek public explanation about info omitted from presentation

TO THE EDITOR: Open Letter to the Ellsworth Community School Board:

Re: Board's denial of 8-13-12, request to meet with the Concerned Citizen Committee.

We are not surprised nor are we dismayed.

Approximately five years ago, the board put forth a referendum for a $2 million bond issue and an additional property tax override before the public in a power point presentation, citing the district's needs, followed by questions and answers.

Several points of critical information were missing from the presentation in order for the voters to make an informed decision on the referendum.

The following questions were asked:

1. What is our current bond debt? Answer: $11.6 million.

2. When were we last out of debt? Answer: 1992.

3. If the existing debt is paid off on schedule, when would we be debt free? Answer: 2023.

After this information was publicized:

1. The Concerned Citizen Group was formed.

2. The next two referendums with bond issues failed.

The question to the board that is elected at large to fairly represent all of the people of the district is: Why was this elemental information, essential for the public to make an informed decision, not included in the board's public presentation?

The Concerned Citizens Group thinks the district's voters deserve a public explanation.

The issue is the referendum, but the board's process is the question. Does the process align with intent or the spirit of our Constitutional Republic form of Democratic government and the Wisconsin Open Meeting Law? (The CCG requested to discuss process with the board and was refused.)

The questions to the voting public are: What is your opinion? Will you make your voice heard?

"Whenever the people are well informed, they can be entrusted with their own government"--Thomas Jefferson.