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Letter: Can't own ducks, chickens because Prescott isn't village, he says

TO THE EDITOR: Maybe the Herald misquoted you, but, Mayor Huber, we cannot own ducks and chickens in the village, as Prescott is one of the 190 cites in Wisconsin and is not a village.

If you would like to visit a village, please go to Ellsworth, it is one of the 399 villages in Wisconsin.

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There are 190 cities and 399 villages in Wisconsin. Together, they encompass about 70 percent of the state's population. There are 1,265 towns in Wisconsin. Town governments govern those areas of Wisconsin that are not included within the corporate boundaries of cities and villages. 

Distinctions between cities and villages:

While the powers of cities and villages are similar, there are differences in the way they are organized. Generally speaking, city government consists of a mayor or city manager and a common council. The mayor or manager is the chief executive officer and the council is the legislative arm of the city. The members of the council are elected from aldermanic districts and the mayor is elected at large.

Typically, village government consists of a village board made up of trustees and a village president. The village board serves as the executive officer and legislative body of the village. The village president and the trustees are elected at large.