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Letter: Where is CSN&Y when you need them, he wonders

TO THE EDITOR: Some events are so powerful that someone decides to write a song to commemorate the occasion.

Many probably remember the Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young song "4 Dead in Ohio." It was 1970 and music was a great forum to get a serious message out. It worked, and now we have a lasting image of a crying 14-year-old Mary Ann Vecchio kneeling over a dead student at Kent State.

Do you think anyone is going to write a song about "4 dead in Benghazi?" I didn't think so. Instead, we have to listen to serial liar Hillary Clinton say she is going to take full responsibility for the four dead Americans, which means she really isn't going to take any responsibility other than reassigning some state department underlings.

Does anyone really expect Hillary to "patriot up" and do something? Of course not, since she has such a stellar record of being one of the country's best liars. The list of her lies seems endless:

Chelsea was jogging around the World Trade Center on 9/11. She was in bed watching it on TV.

Hillary said she was named after Sir Edmund Hillary. She was born five years before Hillary climbed Mt. Everest.

Hillary said she was fleeing sniper fire in Bosnia. Film footage shows her walking with flowers.

She said she negotiated for the release of refugees in Macedonia. They were released before she arrived.

She said Monica Lewinsky was created by a vast right wing conspiracy. You get the picture.

As David Geffen, the long-time friend of Bill and Hillary said when he decided to support Barack Obama, "It isn't that the Clinton's lie so much that bothers me, it is that they lie so easily."

Liberals love Hillary because competence and truth mean nothing to them.