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Letter: Vote for Roggensack in Feb. 19 primary election, she says

TO THE EDITOR: The Wisconsin Supreme Court is the highest appellate court in the state.

The Supreme Court has jurisdiction over original actions, appeals from lower courts and regulations or administration of the practice of law in Wisconsin. This is an important election and voters need to get out and vote on Feb. 19.

Patience (Pat) Roggensack was elected to the Supreme Court in 2003. Her 10-year term is up. She wants to continue in this position. Prior to this position, she was elected to the Wisconsin Court of Appeals in 1996 and re-elected in 2002. Prior to serving on the Court of Appeals, she practiced law for 16 years with DeWitt Ross & Stevens S.C.

There are two gentlemen running against her, Ed Fallone and Vince Megna. Ed Fallone is a liberal Marquette law professor who is being supported by big Labor Unions who hope to flip the state Supreme Court. He's also been endorsed by former Democratic U.S. Russ Feingold.

Vince Megna is a lemon law attorney. Neither of these men ever served as a judge. They lack experience to become a Wisconsin Supreme Court judge. Both of these men signed the Walker recall list.

Our state needs an experience judge on the Wisconsin Supreme Court. Please re-elect Pat Roggensack to the Wisconsin Supreme Court. She has a record of impartiality.