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Letter: Long-ago TV quote put out for lesson to be learned, she says

TO THE EDITOR: "The most important thing to learn about guns is when not to use them."

The morning of Feb. 2, 2013, I happened upon a rerun of the televised series "Circus Boy" and the scene in progress held this quote, which struck me as words I have not heard acknowledged or discussed regarding the gun control situation.

It is a logical comment. It was made to the young boy admiring the gun owned by the former gunslinger, now turned trick shooter for the traveling circus.

The character's name was Billy Benson, portrayed by actor Bradford Jackson.

Yes, it was a long-ago script for television programming, but the words were put out there for a lesson to be learned. Someone at that time felt it an appropriate message for our society then--and, I believe, it is still appropriate today.