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Letter: GOTR integrates fitness into personal growth, development, they say

TO THE EDITOR: Do you know a young girl age 8-13 who lives in Red Wing, Goodhue, Lake City, Prescott, Ellsworth or Hager City?

If so, you need to know about Girls on the Run, an educational and fun after-school youth development program for girls that creatively integrates physical fitness into a personal growth and development curriculum. The program is appropriate for girls of every level of fitness. The purpose of the program is to help young girls develop self-confidence, and learn the skills they need to successfully and joyfully navigate their adolescent years.

As board members of Girls on the Run Bluff Country, we are passionate about the positive and lifelong outcomes of this program. Instilling healthy living attitudes and encouraging habits of personal goal setting is the program's blueprint for a fun and educational experience for young girls.

The 10-week 2013 season of Girls on the Run begins Feb. 25. Learn more about Girls on the Run and register your young girl today at GOTR. It will change her life.