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Letter: Look in mirror to know who's responsible for Benghazi, he tells GOP

TO THE EDITOR: You would think after a while Republicans would get tired of making fools of themselves with fake scandals like Benghazi and manufactured budget crises, which they produce on a monthly basis.

Frankly, most of the public--at least those who aren't addicted to right wing blogs and Fox News--have learned to see through such fakery long ago, as witness the last election which produced a Democratic President, a Democratic Senate and a majority of voters voting for a Democratic House of Representatives.

Benghazi was a tragedy in which four Americans died. That number is one one-thousandth of the number of Americans who died in the Iraq debacle, which was based on a grotesque, deliberate Republican lie about non-existent "weapons of mass destruction."

The same GOP clowns who have spent years hacking away at the appropriations which would have funded higher embassy security levels now try to milk this tragedy for political gain. If they want to know who is responsible for the latest tragedy, they should look in the mirror.