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Letter: Law enforcement are people just like us, he says

TO THE EDITOR: We have all read about police officers and deputies in trouble with the law themselves.

Law enforcement are people just like us who have emotions, stresses and personal problems, in which case they should receive appropriate attention and treatment. If they suffer from the above-mentioned symptoms including anger, hate, they should be furloughed and disarmed until the system restores them.

After all, we on the other side would face this too. If we have guns, they would be taken away and the system would monitor us and a judge determine if we can exercise our inalienable right again, in this case the second amendment.

When law enforcement officers run afoul of the law because sinful human nature causes them to engage in unlawful activities, they should be arrested and jailed on the spot like anyone else.

The incident in Burnett County illustrates that the systems of checks and balances does not always work in the law enforcement community. The deputy involved in the fracas with his girlfriend was protected by his colleagues, and he had a restraining order placed on him last April and was allowed to keep his service weapon. The Herald points out his vitriolic relationship with his girlfriend to the point that his colleagues had him stay in their homes rather than arrest him for breaking the restraining order and turn him in so that he could get help. Sheriff Dean Roland heard about it and did the right thing.

Having said that, I have always stood behind our deputies and police. The community needs to take care of them. They need to uphold the Constitution, especially our right to keep and bear arms. County sheriffs are the last line of defense against federal tyranny. They need to set an example on and off duty.