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Letter: Prescott School Board just doesn't get it-- no new school, he says

TO THE EDITOR: As I browse through the local newspapers, there seems to always be some article concerning the push to bring Prescott into the new world by spending 10's of millions of tax dollars on a new school.

I thought the taxpayers--the people who pay the school board--voted no to a new school. How many times? Did I miss a vote? What did I miss that tells the Prescott School Board to continue trying to push this through?

The only yes vote that I can remember was to spend our money wisely and add on to existing buildings to meet demands, not spend millions to purchase new property. Today, I was looking through the Herald and, on page 4A, there is a poll asking peoples' thoughts about buying land and building a new school.

I, for one, would like to know if our tax dollars paid for that poll, and if so, who is responsible for the poll, and what it is to be used for? When I first looked at it, the results could have been interpreted as, "66 percent want new school." After a little research, only three people voted.

I just hope the people of the area voice their opinions with the next vote we have in the school board elections. Let's elect people that listen to what the people are saying--no new schools in Prescott. It's time to work with what we have and that's what I think the people of Prescott expect.

EDITOR'S NOTE: The poll this writer refers to is originated by the Herald for the newspaper's computer internet web site, is meant to promote public thought, is changed once weekly and isn't intended to be scientific.