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Letter: He's proud of daughter, donor to Children With Hair Loss

TO THE EDITOR: Tina Smeby, controller of Team Oil Travel Center, Spring Valley, has donated her hair to charity for the fourth time.

Children With Hair Loss (CWHL) is an organization that takes human hair donated by caring individuals and makes wigs for children who have lost their hair due to illness, injury or medical treatment.

When asked why she chose this charity and not the more widely-known one she has donated to before, Tina said, "I did some research and stumbled across their website CWHL.

On their home page, it said: 'CWHL opened in September 2000. After researching, we didn't find any other organizations that were giving human hair replacements to children at no cost. CWHL's mission and goals were to never charge a family at a time when they need the most help.'

"I like the fact that they provide wigs free of charge to children. That was the deciding factor on where to send my donation."

Even though Tina pouts a little each time her hair is cut off, the reward of knowing that a sick child will be able to enjoy the wig made from it makes it worthwhile. When kids are fighting serious illnesses or injuries, losing their hair just adds to the physical and mental stress. If in any way, a glimmer of hope or a faint smile from a child can be accomplished by a wig, life is good.

As Tina's father, I could never be more proud.